Eden Ahbez’s Dharmaland Ixatuele

Composed by Eden Ahbez (1908-95) and lost as unperformed sheet music from the 1960s until today, the Jazz Exotica of ‘Dharmaland’ is here reinterpreted and performed by Ixtahule. While Eden Ahbez’s most and perhaps only notable release is as writer of Nat King Cole’s ‘Nature Boy’, Ixtahuele have gained notability as Swedish purveyors of accomplished Exotica.

Featuring recurring use of Hammond organ, marimba and bamboo flute, ‘Dharmaland’ has enveloping melodies and deep, hefty percussion and bass foundations. The song writing is inventive and absorbing throughout but hits a high point on ‘Fire of the Soul’ which in an alternate timeline may have been a Classic Rock hit if the horn line was switched to squealing electric guitar.

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