Back of My Mind H.E.R.

Touted as a breaking star for several years now and with GRAMMY awards to her name, it may come as a surprise to learn that ‘Back of My Mind’ is H.E.R.’s debut full-length. Clocking in just short of 80mins long over 21 tracks, it’s clear H.E.R. has plenty to say. Opener ‘We Made It’ distils the vibe best as smart Hip Hop inflected Pop walks the line between down to earth and aspiration. Featuring guest spots from Ty Dolla $ign, Da Baby, YG and DJ Khaled there’s variety to the Hip Hop leaning R&B but H.E.R. continues to stand out when she strips back to tracks she helms on her own.

Accompanied simply by acoustic guitar on the intro of ‘Cheat Code’ H.E.R. provides emotive vocals that lose none of their charisma when joined with harmonising and propulsive drum and bass stomp.

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