Second Line Dawn Richard

Like a journal opened for public consumption, ‘Second Line’ is a concept album that draws directly from Dawn Richard’s life. Featuring spoken words from her mother and drawing extensively from her childhood growing up in New Orleans, the album title itself refers to the practice of dancers, percussionists and revellers following parading brass bands in NOLA. Dawn Richard has been no stranger to drawing on the influence of her hometown with brassy synths and snare-snapping percussion being a strong feature on 2016’s ‘Redemption’.

Instrumentally ‘Second Line’ is less rooted in place, instead drawing on House, 2-Step and Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ on ‘Le Petit Morte’. A grand and joyfully bold album, ‘Second Line’ sees Richard take her talents further than ever before while distilling an amorphous concept into a fine repeat listen.

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