Lazy Mr Mitch

Music for the pandemic age, ‘Lazy’ sees Mr. Mitch lug the collective weight of nostalgia and uncanny echoes of parties from our collective consciousness and spread them out in an emotive and heartfelt manner across eleven tracks. Intimate but unencumberingly lightweight, each track is worth dwelling on here yet each segues with ease on the album. The trio of ‘In The Hills’, ‘Lazy’ and ‘Proud’ provide a peak with the percussionless ‘Proud’ letting deep bass and Mr. Mitch’s own vocals steal the show.

Elsewhere, ‘Moving Up’ is a production masterclass in managing space and allowing less to be more, while album closer ‘Daydream of You’ blurs the real and unreal as it harks back to the nostalgia-filled 2-step sound, less an homage and more a perfect simulacra exposing the distance travelled. Finding beauty in unsettled times, ‘Lazy’ captures a moment like few have so far managed.

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