Yol Altin Gün

Pulling in late 70s and early 80s Synthpop with Turkish and traditional Anatolian Folk songs by way of Amsterdam seems like a mixed-up way of making a record, particularly when all six members of a group are trading cuts over the internet during a pandemic. Yet that’s how ‘Yol’ came about and to hear it is to grasp how perfectly disparate and wide-ranging elements can create a truly cohesive and engrossing whole.

Taking influences, lyrics and melodies from traditional music from Anatolia, Altin Gün create a thoroughly modern sound that draws on Psychedelia, House, Synthpop and Folk to create a space that speaks across boundaries and languages. At times that’s funky like on ‘Kara Toprak’, while elsewhere there’s a clearer Psyche-Rock connection like on ‘Hey Nari’ or even Synthpop crossed with North African vibes like on ‘Yüri Daǧ Başinda’. Altin Gün have one GRAMMY nomination under their belts and ‘Yol’ may bring them their first win.

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