Super Monster Claud

The debut long-player from Claud is also the first released on Phoebe Bridgers’ new label Sadness Factory and the tie to Bridgers goes some way to signaling the kind of melody-first vibes here. Filled with bedroom-Pop songs of love, missed connections and breakups it’s the sort of honest and open examination of mixed-up feelings that have long been popular in Indie-Pop.

The route to success requires a deft balance of universal feelings, a personal touch and a musical backing that doesn’t stray too far from contemporary trends. Claud succeeds here as wit and self-assuredness weigh out perfectly against a sense of the forlorn. Earworm choruses abound on tracks like ‘Guard Down’, while ‘That’s Mr. Bitch To You’ drags early 00s Pop Punk up to our dateline with aplomb. An accomplished collection, there are hints here that there is more to come from Claud. Superstardom may await.

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