As The Love Continues Mogwai

The tenth proper album from Mogwai, excluding the numerous soundtracks, EPs and compilations, is a perfect encapsulation of the main stops on the path travelled thus far. There are slow builds here, a preponderance of mainly instrumental tracks, spoke word snatches, and the occasional descent into aural assault, all hallmarks of the Mogwai sound.

There’s also the most natural use of Stuart Braithwaite’s voice so far on ‘Ritchie Sacramento’, while ‘Here We, Here We, Here We Go Forever’ strikes the perfect balance between the further reaches of their most familiar Rock and more recent Electronic sounds. Elsewhere, ‘Ceiling Granny’ is the track they couldn’t record when this all began in 1995 for fear of sounding derivative, yet now with the passing of time its Grungey, fuzz-soaked riffing appears self-aware and self-assured. While Mogwai have rarely lacked confidence on record, ‘As The Love Continues’ shows that ten albums in there’s little reason not to throw caution to the wind.

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