We Will Always Love You The Avalanches

A maximalist concept album at heart, ‘We Will Always Love You’ is an adventurous next step away from the sample heavy focus of The Avalanches’ career-defining debut. Drawing on the idea that every radio broadcast ever created is still resonating outwards through the universe, the latest from The Avalanches is a mixed up melange of styles, instruments, tempos and voices.

Mixing standalone songs like ‘Interstellar Love’ with Leon Bridges and ‘We Go On’ featuring Mick Jones and Cola Boyy with more textural tracks like ‘Until Daylight Comes’ that features single, low key verse from Tricky, the vibe is dense and convoluted. Sketched out through is a sense of collective distance with each voice a node in a far-reaching web stretching through space. The exaggerated use of so many guest vocalists at times can be disorientating, though there’s a sense that that is, in fact, the point.

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