Important information on PRS/PPL licensing during COVID-19

We have been supporting our customers as much as possible during these unprecedented times.

We have also been constantly communicating with the PRS / PPL licensing bodies, to represent our clients needs. We now have an update from both the PRS and PPL which should help our clients further whilst the coronavirus situation is ongoing.

Moving forward, the PRS / PPL will not be charging customers for their music usage (public performance) during the period they are closed (temporarily or permanently) due to COVID-19. This is currently in place until the 30th April 2020, however, they have explained this would be extended if we are still in a lockdown situation. They have also made changes to their payment policies to introduce further flexibility, including deferred payments and the temporary suspension of late payment surcharges.

For those who have already paid for the combined licence before this lockdown started, their team will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on your music usage and will amend your account to credit or refund you for the period that your business was closed.

During lock down, Open Ear is offering all clients the chance to share their ‘best of’ playlists across social media so you can continue to use music as a way of connecting with your customers. Get in touch to have a chat about this.

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