Opinion | How topical playlists can create column inches for your business

Your music playlists provide a continuous soundtrack for your customers to listen to. Every song you play provides an array of information, and when combined into a playlist creates a dialogue that helps your customers build up a rounded impression of your business.

The businesses we work with at Open Ear understand this and rely on our playlisting team to help them maintain this dialogue - by keeping the playlists up to date, relevant and matching the day of the week and season of the year. As their customer, the listener, becomes more music savvy and more likely to be listening ‘actively’, the need to maintain the playlist becomes more crucial – more songs, a better-quality and consistent selection communicating the core brand message is more important than ever.

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That being said, we also recognise that providing a set of on-brand and updated playlists is often not enough. If you truly want to have a dialogue with your customers, we believe your business should look at complementing your main playlists with topical playlists. These that can be used on a one-off basis and cater to events, seasons, marketing/promotional campaigns, commemorative days, tributes to your favourite artists or match whatever theme you want.

We did this last year for the brand new Green Room cocktail bar, situated in The Curtain in east London. Their American owners requested a playlist of American music to help celebrate Independence Day on 4th of July. Our playlist contained a fun mix of new and old American classics from Beyonce to Bon Jovi, Madonna to the Mamas & the Papas.

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The playlist was enjoyed by customers and staff alike, and duly noted by Time Out Magazine who highlighted the playlist in their review, recommending the ‘playful playlist’ as a reason to go the bar. Time Out went on to say that ‘a big part of the atmosphere is the sound system and playlist’.

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At Fitz’s Bar in the newly refurbished Principal London, their music also featured in their five star review, also in Time Out. This time the main playlists got a nice mention, courtesy of our ‘George Michael’ lookalike DJ (who we can only assume is myself after careful analysis!) getting a special mention. More recently, we created a playlist to compliment a Cuban themed week, with a mix of old and new Cuban classics designed to drive rum sales.

At Open Ear we have topical playlists to match every occasion and available to our customers at a click of a button. Recent examples include The World Cup, The Royal Wedding, The Anniversary of Woodstock, summer beach parties, the anniversary of Prince and Bowie’s death and much more. We send monthly mail outs offering playlists to match every day on the calendar and they are provided free of charge. If you’d like to use topical playlists and make music a press-worthy feature of your business please get in touch! Or sign up to our newsletter.

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