Feature | Music Licensing Explained (UK)

Background Music Licensing: UK

If you play copyrighted music in your business, you are required by law to purchase a licence via the PRS and PPL. The two organisations recently amalgamated to make it easier to get set up.

More information is here: https://pplprs.co.uk

Typically, you’ll pay an annual licence based on the size of your premises (audible area) and the way you plan to use music. Background music is cheaper than ‘featured music’ - using DJs/live entertainment.

Digital Music Platforms

if spotify then youtube

Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and other popular digital music platforms are only licensed for home/personal use. Even if you have the above PPL and PRS licences, you are not permitted to use these platforms.


Open Ear is a licensed B2B Background music supplier. We have blanket licences to legally provide our customers with any music available. We account every quarter to ensure the musicians you play are properly compensated.

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