You may remember a while ago we shared a game that tested your memory for musical recall. It was a part of an on-going experiment conducted in tandem with the Manchester based Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). 150,000 people have now played the game, and it has been announced that the nations more recognised song is ‘Wannabe’ by The Spice Girls.

With that done and dusted the experiment has moved on to a new phase; an attempt to develop the game into a tool for helping Alzheimer’s patients. If you’ve played before there will be no great surprises. Instead of the user picking genres or decades to focus on they are presented with track snippets at random. The objective is to identify whether you know the track and then, once the song is briefly muted, to continue to sing the song or hold its rhythm. When the song comes back in, the user identifies whether it has come in at the correct point in the song or not. This latest version of the game will attempt to learn what genres and eras of music a user has an affinity for, and will begin to weight tracks away from random and more towards these styles.

One of the lead researchers, Dr Ashley Burgoyne, has said: “As well as having fun playing the game people are actively contributing to scientific research and providing crucial data for a breakthrough surrounding music and the mind. We hope that everyone will get behind this next stage of the game and support #HookedOnMusic further.”

Be warned; we found the game a little addictive, but it is for science.

Check it out here.

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