Did you know that music helps pain reduction for hospital patients before, during, and after surgery? A recent review by researchers at Queen Mary University London reviewed 70 trials and studies involving pain reduction and music and discovered that the results were overwhelmingly positive. Their review has had an important impact already; the Department of Health has suggested Doctors consider the findings.

We’re always happy to see years of research brought together and used to make progressive changes. It’s also heartening to see scientific evidence of the health benefits of music listening, particularly as hospital radio stations across the country are being squeezed out. Nearly all operate as charities with voluntary work forces, and all have helped patients relax and unwind at times that are often incredibly stressful. Whilst a member of our team remembers listening to Radio Lollipop while a sick kid in the early 90s, these stations have been around since the 1920s. Perhaps the researchers got to their answers a bit late…

Update: This is an interesting article that looks at how music can be used to self-manage chronic pain. It's well worth a look.



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