What your record collection says about you...

What kind of person are you, personality wise? Are you empathetic, where you like to work with people and deal in emotions; or are you a systemiser who prefers to deal with objects and plans? If you make them a mix-tape some researchers at Cambridge University might be able to work it out without speaking to you.

A recent study they carried out separated out participants into two groups; empathisers and systemisers with the help of some questionnaires. The participants were then played 50 musical clips from a wide range of genres and asked to rate their preference for each piece.

They discovered that empathisers were more likely to enjoy R&B, Soft Rock, and Folk while systemisers preferred Metal and avant-garde Jazz. Whether the test works backwards, as we suggested at the top of this page, has yet to be seen.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know a little more about yourself, try looking at your record collection.

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