The Longest Mixtape (OpenEar Edit)

After the release of Caribou’s ‘The Longest Mixtape’ we thought we’d do some sorting for you, should you not be one of the people instantly hyped by its very existence. We make playlists every day, and we can certainly give this one a seal of approval for diversity and quality – though perhaps not so much for flow and overall tone.

So here, in the order we got them, are ten of the tracks that came up on Shuffle play for us with some of our thoughts on the music contained therein.

Bob Chance – It’s Broken: Proto-House and Disco vibes from 1980 that sound like they should have been released on Mute. If Frankie Knuckles met Fad Gadget…

Z Factor – Fast Cars: More Proto-House, this time rocking an Italo Disco vibe. The Fender bass line makes this, along with the sultry vocals of Jesse Saunders.

Douglas Leedy – Entropical Paradise I: Avant-garde electronics and Moog sounds that could have come straight from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop had this piece actually been interesting.

Emeralds – Genetic: Electronic, glitch-filled Post-Rock is what Emeralds do, and here’s a case in point. Keep your ears open for hints at The Who’s ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ around the 8min mark…

Burundi Black – Burundi Black: Afro-Funk with dollops of groove and grit, surpassed in excellence with a creeping piano line. We have a new favourite song.

Captain Beefheart – Electricity: Possibly the highlight of Beefheart’s career? It’s alleged (and refuted) that Ol’ Don broke microphones singing this one. That slide guitar is electrifying though.

Madlib – Early Party: Short and snappy Indian inspired rhythms from the great beatsmith that is Madlib. What’s more to say?

Sueño Latino – Sueño Latino (Derrick May’s Illusion First Mix): Detroit Techno’s pioneer may be better known for other work but this is a great remix of a track that was already well loved.

Dionne Warwick – You’re Gonna Need Me: Much sampled, most notably by J. Dilla, this is a classic Soul track with a lovely modulated guitar sound buried deep underneath towards the end.

Clams Casino – I’m God: Downtempo Electronica with a particularly airy vibe from a Hip Hop producer who just repeated this feat of eerie beat creation with FKA Twigs’ ‘Hours’.

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