Give us Music and then give us Technology and we’ll be as happy as a muddy pig. Well, usually. Then we saw this article in Wired and all of a sudden we’re asking ourselves if we’ve had a humour bypass.

Long story short, someone has taken a scanner, a Wii remote and some motors, along with too much of their time, and created a musical instrument. It’s held on the forearm and is movement sensitive, thus allowing notes to be manipulated. It’s not too different to many things we’ve seen in the past. The trigger source for the instrument is what got us head scratching; it’s a forearm length barcode tattoo. That’s a new one, but if it sounds good then perhaps that bizarre USP will be worth it, and having the means to produce sound inked on does sound kind of cool.

The following demo video opens well, but we’ll leave it to you to decide on the full success of the venture. We’re left with one questions though, that we just can’t get past; what was wrong with using a marker pen instead?

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