As the Commonwealth Games start today we thought we'd run up a quick selection of sporting themed tracks from musicians based throughout the Commonwealth. We admit some of the links are more tenuous than others, but that's half the fun. Feel free to chuck us some alternate suggestions via Facebook or Twitter, the funnier or more inspired the better.

Don't forget - We have great Commonwealth playlists, featuring a host of the best Glasgow bands, available right now. Contact us on [email protected] or  0141 248 6006 for more details.

The Herbaliser - Ginger Jumps The Fence [England]

LenkaJump in the Pool (Originally by Friendly Fires) [Australia]

Sweet BabooLet’s Go Swimming Wild [Wales]

Remember RememberThe Swimming [Scotland] Arcade FireReady to Start [Canada]

Fela KutiGo Slow [Nigeria]

Manu DibangoBig Blow [Cameroon]

A.R. RahmanCyclists Rhythm [India]

Mo Kolours – Ridda Mountain [Mauritius/England]

Ok, so we cheated with that last one, but you try finding great music that represents Mountain Biking...

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