Korg ditches the knob-twiddlers?

Leaving Brazil behind for a moment, let’s return to our normal service and take a look at some music tech that every kid of the ‘80s and ‘90s will love – a Korg hook-up with Nintendo.

More than a game but quite a way short of a full blown analogue synth, this software synth runs on a Nintendo 3DS and is designed to enable “performing in a DJ-like manner”. On your plate are 12 mono synths, 64 step sequencing, the expected range of effects (including chorus, delay, and reverb), and a 3D oscilloscope display.

After the release of their Lego-like modular synths, with Little Bits, late last year it seems Korg are definitely looking for ways to make their field a little more interesting and fun. Part of us does wonder, however, if this is really intended to be a useful musical tool or if instead it’s a sure fire way of capturing a few hundred thousand page clicks from amateur music geeks around the world. Korg has long been the home of the dedicated knob-twiddler… but has this time come to an end?

Check out a video of the DSN-12 below.

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