Exploring Brazil: Friends From Rio Project

Friends From Rio Project (Far Out Recordings) Friends From Rio was the first title released by Far Out back in 1994. 20 years on, and with only one other similar compilation since, and the folks at Far Out decided it was time to celebrate the diversity of Rio’s musical culture once more. Originally designed to bring the music of Brazil to the clubs and dancefloors of London, this latest offing doesn’t stray from the blueprint at all. If anything the project fans the flames that already burnt brightly within the Far Out roster; inciting a fantastic collection of artists to produce something full of energy and groove while sticking to their roots. This is just what Far Out have come to be known for over the years and their ability to produce, nurture and curate ensures this latest edition is tight all the way through.

Filled to the brim with Bossa and Funk grooves alongside some cracking Batucadas, this really is an album that makes you want to move your feet and shake your hips. While most of this energy has been channelled into new compositions, a little has been reserved for a fantastic reworking of the classic ‘Mas Que Nada’. Featuring brilliant group vocals, stylish keys, an incredibly rich flute melody and energetic percussion it’s as good a version of the track as we’ve ever heard. Better than the Jorge Ben original? Very possibly. Elsewhere, we’re treated to Jazz, saxophone, electric organs, bells, whoops and whistles. It’s a diverse bundle, and one well worth seeking out.

Get a taster of what‘s on offer by checking out ‘Casino Bangu’ below.

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