In 18 days time the football World Cup will kick-off in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Only slightly better known for its football than its music, Brazil will no doubt become even brighter, louder and more beautiful than we already know it is. Contributing to its renowned vibrancy are a diverse range of artists and musicians who make some of the best sounds and songs in the world, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share some of those sounds in the lead up to the big kick-off.

So, over the next few weeks you can expect some Bossa Jazz, Funk Carioca, Samba and more besides. We’ll have some artist profiles of Brazilian legends to match Pele, some album reviews of the hottest and latest tunes available right now and a few other surprises we have up our sleeves that we can’t wait to shout about. Basically, we’re a bit excited about the summer appearing and the games beginning and we want to share some good vibes and some great music that will hopefully last all summer.

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