Check out the new video for the flip side of Jamie XX's new 12" Girl, b/w Sleep Sound. It features, and is directed by, dancer Sofia Mattioli alongside members of the Manchester Deaf Centre as they dance to Sleep Sound. More accurately, it is better to say that these dancers, all of whom other than Mattioli are deaf, dance to the vibrations of Sleep Sound whilst also following her movements. It makes for a moving piece, and the interaction between dancers and music is well worth seeing.

Mattioli describes the work:

I was on a train listening to music, getting deep into it, and this girl started staring at me. After a while I took my headphones off and she came up to me, started signing and then wrote me a note to say that she was deaf but could almost feel the music by my movement.

The relationship between silence and music is a big part of what I am trying to express with my work. The first kid in the video, Archie, was bliss—all of them were amazing. I hope this is a project I can develop further.

If nothing else this piece reminds us that interacting with music is a varied and diverse experience, and that its impact is significant no matter where it is played.

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