In an elevator inside the Wolf Building in Philadelphia’s Chinatown a new form of Muzak plays. It is designed specifically to provoke a reaction, to demand interaction and to be noticed. It is not like elevator music as many of us imagine, and it appeals to us immensely.

Really Good Elevator Music’ is the brainchild of artist Yowei Shaw and it is designed to instil a sense of shared space and community in a multi-use building that includes apartments, studios and a health care centre. Musical works have been supplied by six artists, and they can be listened to here.

We’ve always promoted the fact that we do not provide background music. Instead we prefer to focus on providing quality music that suits its environment and its audience. That means it is music to be listened to, and enjoyed. We feel that public spaces benefit from this far more than from jarring, or worse insipid, ‘Muzak’ and the discordant clatter of everyday life; after all your ears are always open.


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