When three boundary pushing artists like Tim Hecker, Kode9 and Ben Frost are brought together for a project, we’re bound to be interested. When they’re brought together to create sounds for a sensory experience as part of Unsound Festival, we’re very interested indeed.

Working alongside Berlin’s boundary-pushing perfumer Geza Shoen, the three musicians have created original musical pieces which in turn have been used to inspire scents created by Shoen. These scents will then be used to encourage a new round of musical pieces and all will be unveiled in an installation as part of New York’s Unsound Fest, alongside some visuals by Manuel Sepulveda and Marcel Weber.

The co-creator of the project, Małgorzata Płysa, explained: “Scent and sound are both the most ephemeral of senses - without having a visible physical form, an image attached to them, they have the power to trigger emotions, uncover memories and move other senses. Having been working with various types of sound, often abrasive and physical, we have decided to try and blur the lines, adding sense of smell and discovering what the effects could be.”

In the past  we’ve discussed the importance of scent and sound to creating the perfect ambience, including looking at this research on how scent, sound and visual environment impacted on perceptions of a whisky’s taste. This is putting it into practice however, and with some big names behind it we’re very keen to know how it goes. If you’re in New York at the start of April take a look and then let us know.

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