When we think of the musical tastes of the USA as a whole we might think of Country music in the South, Hip Hop on the West Coast and Indie in the East. Tastes are, unsurprisingly, far more diverse in reality. This has been demonstrated recently with a map showing the musical preferences of each of the 50 States.

The data was collected by The Echo Nest, who analysed streams from across the country. The map they created shows the musicians that are more popular in that State than anywhere else, rather than the most popular group of musicians played in that State. In other words, it shows an artist or group of musicians who is relatively popular in say Michigan, but who are pretty unpopular everywhere else.

That method has led to unsurprising artists like the ‘King of Country’ George Strait being the most popular artist in his home State of Texas and while Florida favours the home grown Rick Ross.

More interestingly the State of Illinois favours Sufjan Stevens, a Michigan native. We suspect his 2005 album ‘Come on Feel the Illinoise’, a concept album about the State and its famous residents, may be influencing this a little. Perhaps most surprisingly is the California choice. Stereotypically seen as being liberal and free-thinking it turns out that their tastes are neither for Hardcore Punk nor G-Funk but instead for the sound of Bonobo… from Brighton, England.


  [Thanks to Business Insider for this one]

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