We’ve been a bit quiet on the Music Tech front for a while, but this recent collaboration between Korg and Little Bits looks pretty cool.

Korg are of course known as a long-running and well respected manufacturer of digital musical instruments, with their range of synthesisers being used from everyone from Herbie Hancock to M83. Little Bits, on the other hand, are a small technology company specialising in simple, Lego-like modular electronic systems intended to help young and old-alike learn about micro-electronics. Together, they’ve come up with a modular analogue synthesiser that can be easily tampered with, modded and pulled apart without the risk of burning your desk down with a soldering iron.

It looks like it’s packed full of useful features, from oscillators and delays to A/B mixers and envelope filters. We particularly like the simple 13 key, one octave keyboard that should allow some reasonably ‘musical’ control over everything.

Unfortunately, if you want one you’ll have to pre-order it from Little Bits in the US. We might ask Santa for one for the office…

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