We like weird and wonderful ways of releasing music, particularly if they’re innovative or funny.  So when we saw that Alcopop! Records are releasing their 6th Alcopopular compilation on a bicycle, we took a wee look.

Like all novelty releases, you’re really buying a product rather than an album, and in this case it’s a Mango fixie (not a mountain bike as advertised) at a price that’s possibly less than RRP.  That’s pretty good going, and if you like primary colours as a way to avoid getting hit by a bus, then this bike may be ideal for your commute. The thing is, if you’re not keen on primary colours or simply Alcopop’s style of raucous indie isn’t to your musical tastes, there are other options.

How about a Wu-Tang branded bike from State?

Or if you’re willing to wait a little, there were rumours back in March of a British Sea Power bike in the works.

Of course, if you’re really thinking of getting one of these and you really want to show it off then you’re best hopping over to New York where you can find a David Byrne designed bike-rack.

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