We recently discussed the morgue soundtracks produced by Scanner for the Raymond Poincare Hospital, in France. We hope it showed how much we love to see exciting, inspirational or innovative ways of marrying space and music.  Now we’ve just discovered that another great of leftfield ambience, Brian Eno, has got his work into a hospital, this time in Hove.

Eno is, of course, no stranger to this kind of work as ‘Music for Airports’ shows. What is different about his compositions for the Montefiore Hospital in Hove is the technology he uses to create music which is non-repetitive and ever changing. This ‘generative music’ has been titled ’77 Million Paintings For Montefiore’, and is designed to actively assist in patients recuperation. We’re sure that anyone who has sat in a hospital waiting room for hours on end will be very thankful for this work, especially since it isn’t a monotonous, endless loop.

Unfortunately, unless you do yourself a serious mischief somewhere near Hove, you’re not going to be able to hear this work. Other hospitals are allegedly interested though, and we’d be pretty amused if Eno became available on the NHS.


Since we can’t link to these new compositions, we recommend you pull a chair into a nearby hallway, close your finger in a door or stub your toe against the wall and listen to this piece from Eno’s classic, Ambient 1: Music for Airports:



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