We try to keep up to date with the many ways in which music is used but this one had passed us all by until now.

The Raymond Poincare Hospital in France specialises in treating patients of road traffic accidents. Unfortunately, those who do not survive have to be relocated to the hospitals morgue, where their families can spend some last precious time with their loved ones. The hospital’s morgue is different to others though, as it is designed to be an artwork in its own right. Calming and relaxed in physical atmosphere, it is complimented acoustically by the work of Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner. Scanner is, perhaps, better known for his soundscapes created with bits of ‘found’ mobile phone conversations but on this piece has gone for something as little more natural. We read Robin’s thoughts on the piece over on The Quietus, and really got a sense of what it meant to him personally. We hope you enjoy the read as much as we did.

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