Amoeba Music digitises rare vinyl

We recently had a story about Beat Delete, a label supported re-issuer of out-of-print vinyl. We liked the idea a lot and now we’ve seen that Amoeba Music, the biggest independent music retailer in the US, are doing something similar.

Amoeba are taking a huge chunk of their backroom-only, rare and out-of-print vinyl and digitising it. It’ll then go on sale in a range of digital formats. Mention of an extensive Sun Ra collection will certainly attract some attention, and we’re sure this will be a great success. However, because Amoeba Music are a retailer, rather than a collection of labels like Beat Delete, issues revolving around copyright have been raised in The Quietus.

We hope these can be resolved soon, because this seems to be a great opportunity to get some unheard, and unheard of, works out in public.

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