Music for Restaurants — Case Study


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The Backstory

At the end of 2019, Arabica opened a new restaurant in King’s Cross, offering an almost entirely new menu, complemented by a handful of the best loved, original dishes from the original site in Borough.

What we did

Arabica’s music is curated by Open Ear MD Brian d’Souza (aka Auntie Flo). Arabica founder James Walters and Brian connected over their shared love of Levantine music.

Customer Connect

For such unique and carefully constructed playlists, it was essential for customers to be able to check out the music and take the playlists home. We made this possible through customer connect, adding unique printed codes to menus that when scanned, would take customers to the 'now playling' playlist.

"One of my favourite things about Arabica is the authentic ambience, and the music certainly plays a vital role in that."

Kevin MackCustomer

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